Clients interact with AVA through APIs calls to nodes.

Numeric parameters in API calls may be given as strings (e.g. "5" or 5 are both ok for an integer argument). Numeric return values are always given as strings (e.g. "5" rather than 5).

In examples, API calls are made to a node listening for HTTP traffic on

AVM (X-Chain) API

The X-Chain, AVA’s native platform for creating and trading assets, is an instance of the AVA Virtual Machine (AVM). This API allows clients to create and trade assets, including AVA, on the X-Chain as well as other instances of the AVM.

EVM (C-Chain) API

Allows clients to interact with the C-Chain, AVA’s main EVM instance, as well as other EVM instances.

P-Chain API

Allows clients to interact with the P-Chain (Platform Chain), which maintains AVA’s validator set and handles blockchain creation.

Keystore API

Allows clients to use an AVA node’s built-in keystore.

Metrics API

Allows clients to collect statistics about a node’s performance.

Admin API

Allows clients to examine a node’s internal state, set of connections, and similar internal protocol data.

Timestamp API

Allows clients to interact with the Timestamp Chain, a simple timestamp server.